San Francisco’s Original All-Beef Hotdog

Presenting the Stanley Steamer

  • Made with 100% Grass and Vegetarian-Fed Beef
  • Pasture Raised
  • No Hormones
  • No Antibiotics
  • No Guilt

It’s All About the Quality

Not all hot dogs are created equal. Stanley’s Steamers prides itself on only using the highest quality meat from the finest, most reputable meat suppliers in the United States. All of our hot dogs are made exclusively from 100% USDA domestic beef-- we don’t use cattle from outside our borders. Nor do we allow fillers, artificial colors, or artificial flavorings in any of our products.

When you visit a Stanley’s Steamer cart and taste one of our hot dogs, you’ll know instantly you are eating the freshest, leanest, finest quality hot dogs money can buy.

Here’s what’s behind our menu:

The Stanley Steamer – The “No Guilt” Hot Dog!

Our namesake "Stanley's Steamer" hot dog is made exclusively from locally-sourced grass-fed cattle that spend their entire lives grazing on natural vegetation in healthy, uncrowded conditions. They are never fed corn, other grains, or animal by-products and are raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics.

People say the taste of naturally-raised beef is what beef used to taste like, which is why we chose it for our top of the line Stanley Steamer frankfurter. When you bite into a Stanley Steamer, you can immediately taste the difference. We proudly call it our "NO GUILT" hot dog!

The Rest of Our Lineup – Vienna Beef Quality

Our SF Dog, Jumbo Dog, All-Beef Polish, and Fire Dog are made for us by the Vienna Beef Company in Chicago.

The Vienna Beef hot dog company was founded over 100 years ago, and is recognized as the premier hot dog manufacturer in the United States. The meat used is hand-picked and processed under the highest standards of cleanliness and food safety-- a USDA inspector is actually on site throughout the production process. And no wonder. Vienna Beef is the oldest USDA plant in the United States, proudly displaying "Establishment #1" on their labels.

All of the beef in our hot dogs is hand-trimmed. Vienna Beef uses no mechanical separators, so only natural, full cuts of pure beef go into the hot dog making process. Vienna Beef uses no fillers, binders, artificial flavors, or artificial coloring, which is why we chose them to produce the rest of our Stanley’s Steamers all-beef hot dog line.

Our Poultry Sausages – The Aidells Sausage Company

Founded by Chef Bruce Aidells in 1983, Aidells Sausage Company produces a unique line of hand-crafted gourmet sausages that combine the finest quality poultry with chunks of chopped fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, and aromatics.

When Stanley’s Steamers decided to add a chicken sausage to our otherwise "all beef" menu, we naturally chose the company preferred by gourmet chefs throughout the Bay Area. We offer Bruce Aidells’ famous "chicken-apple sausage" as a daily menu item, and rotate through his other gourmet poultry sausages as specials throughout the year.

The Grass-Fed beef hot dogs at the Stanley Steamer carts in front of Macy’s and Levi’s Store are an urban delicacy.

–San Francisco Chronicle

One of my favorite lunches downtown is getting a Stanley’s Steamer across the street from Niketown and chomping away on a bench in Union Square.

–Alex M
San Francisco

Mmmmm. These hot dogs are among the best.

–Nathan M
San Francisco

Try a Stanley’s Steamer. It will change your life…

–Shannon W
Mill Valley

I’m addicted to Stanley’s Steamers…the rest aren’t nearly as good.

–Tom H
San Francisco

When it comes to eating sauerkraut, I love it and they serve it!

–Ramon V
East Bay

I had my first hot dog in 2 years last week at one of your stands in Union Square, and I’m hooked.

–Nancy S
Corte Madera

The carts are the cleanest carts I’ve ever seen.

–Cathy M
San Francisco